Add a color tag to a product

This template will:

  • Add tags for each color detected in your primary product image with the format Color: white. It will only add the tags once per product. If you change your first image and would like to re-detect the colors, delete all of the Color:  tags on the product.

✅  No setup is needed

🗒️ Note: This template uses the Premium app, Image by MESA. When a workflow runs with a Premium app, the automation run is doubled and counted as 2 automation runs. Learn more.

Step 1

Click the toggle to switch the workflow On when you are ready to start automating.

Step 2

🕶️ Sit back and enjoy the benefits of automation.

Optional Customizations

This template adds a tag for every color detected. If you would like to add a tag only for the primary color, you can change the value in the Tag field in the Shopify Product Add Tag step.

Click the X button to remove the original variable.

Click the Variable menu icon { + } on the bottom right corner and select the Image Identify Colors Color 0 variable.

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