Send Infinite Options product bundles to Google Sheets

This template will:

  • Create a row in Google Sheets for each Infinite Options product bundle on your Shopify store's orders, including details on the product bundle, and the associated product variant that it was attached to.

🔧 Setup is needed:
📋 Copy spreadsheet
🔌 Connect with Google Sheets
✅ Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

🗒 Note: MESA provides a spreadsheet that you can use. This has the required columns ready to use, and additional charts/filtering for enhanced reporting capabilities on your product bundles.

Follow the steps below on how to set up this workflow.

Step 1

In the Infinite Options Order Created trigger, hit the Done button.

Step 2

View this Google Sheets and click Make a copy.

Step 3

Rename and move your spreadsheet to a different Google Drive folder, if desired.

Step 4

Hit the Save button at the top before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5

On the Google Sheets Row Create step, select an existing credential or click the Connect with Google button to link your Google Sheets account to MESA. 

Step 6

Hit the Done button in the Account Credentials section.

Step 7

Under the Step Configuration section, choose Select existing under the Spreadsheet label. 

Select the name of your spreadsheet copied from step 1 on the Select Spreadsheet field from the list, then ensure the Sheet Name is set to Product Bundle Details.

Step 8

Hit the Update Spreadsheet Columns button.

Step 9

Hit the Done button at the top or bottom of the Step Configuration section.

Step 10

At the top of or below the workflow, hit the Save button to save your changes.

Step 11

Click the toggle to switch the workflow On when you are ready to start automating.


Your workflow is now ready to use! Going forward, once new orders with Infinite Options product bundles are received, you will see new rows created in your Google Sheet. 

If you head to the Product Bundle-Analytics sheet, you can view additional analytics about the bundles.

✋ Still have questions? We got you. Email us at where actual humans are on standby, ready to help.