Send Shopify order and customer details to Odoo

This template will:

  • Send both the Shopify order details and customer information to Odoo when a Shopify Order is created.

🔧 Setup is needed:
🔌 Connect with Odoo
✏️ Confirm that Contacts, Sales, and Products are already set up in Odoo
✅ Save and enable your workflow to start automating!

Required: This template has several requirements. Ensure you have done the following requirements before proceeding.

  1. Both Contacts and Sales need to be set up already in Odoo.
  2. Products need to be set up already in Odoo.
  3. The SKU of the Shopify product should match the 'Internal Reference' of the product in Odoo.

Follow the steps below to set up this workflow.

Step 1

On the Odoo List Product Variant step, create a new Credential to link your Odoo account with MESA.

Step 2

Add your Domain, Username, and Password in the respective fields and then click the Add Credential button.

Step 3

You can locate the Username and Password by clicking on Settings , from your Odoo Apps page.

Step 4

From Settings, locate General Settings and then Users. Click on Manage Users.

Step 5

Select the checkbox next to the user that you want to connect MESA with. 

Step 6

Click on Actions (gear icon) and then Change Password.

Step 7

If your user does not have an existing password, enter a New Password and then Change Password.

Step 8

If there is already a password set, copy the email address under User Login and paste into MESA's Odoo Credential's Username field. 

Step 9

Copy the user's password and paste into MESA's Odoo Credential's Password field.

Step 10

Add your domain to the Domain field. The Domain will look like:

Please make sure that you do not have a forward slash at the end of the Domain: /

If the Odoo database name is different from the domain itself, enter both in the MESA's Odoo Credential's Domain field separated by || : domain||database. Example:||mycompany-master-1234

Step 11

Hit the Add Credential button.

Step 12

At the top of the workflow, hit the Save changes button to save your changes.

Step 13

Hit the toggle to switch it to On when you are ready to start using the workflow.

✋ If you have any questions or run into any errors in this workflow, please contact our Customer Success Team. Different set-ups may be required for different Odoo versions used.

We got you. Email us at where actual humans are on standby, ready to help.